UKRAINE:How We Can Help

украина : как помочь

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We are creating new employments for Ukrainian professionals and providing housing for their families.

Мы предлагаем работу для украинских специалистов и жилье для их семей, тат как хотим помочь обеспечить всех ктo cтал винужден покинуть родину. 

One simple and needed

step to continue

providing life-saving 

protection to families

forced to flee their


If you work in

Marketing, IT, Tech, or other related areas

we can help you and your family with employment and housing solutions for up to six months.

Если вы работаете в сфере маркетинга или информационных технологий, мы поможем вам найти работу и обеспечить cемью и проживание.

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Campaign Manager

Analytics Manager

SEO Specialist

Creatives Specialist

Frontend Developer

Shopify Implementer

Web Dev | PHP

Social Media Specialist

GMP Specialist

Salesforce Specialist

Fullstack Engineer

Senior Product Manager

QA Engineer (Senior)

E-mail Marketing Manager

Automation Specialist

Hubspot Specialist 

Mkt Cloud Specialist

Amazon Specialist

Data Scientist

Google Cloud Specialist

Google PPC Manager

AWS Specialist

Azzure Specialist

Digital Consultant


Fill in the form on this page and let us make sure you are sheltered and safe.

Help us reach people in need and their families today.

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Пожалуйста, заполните эту форму и мы позаботимся о вашей безопасности. 

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